October 2, 2016

So you have a great website…now what? Our top tips to help you drive traffic to your site

So you have a great looking, brand spanking, shiny new website! That’s so awesome! *does a dance*.

If you’re like the rest of us though, just because your website is “on”, you’re probably not going to have people flocking to it in their thousands. In fact, when we first launched Skizzar, we were lucky if we had more than 5 visitors in a week, why? Because having a website is like having a business card – it’s useless if you don’t give it to anyone!

So, whether you’ve had your site for years, or whether you’ve got yourself a brand new Skizzar website, we thought we’d share with you some of the tricks of the trade that have worked for us and seen us grow to over 7000 visitors per week in just over 18 months.

Tell people about your website

OK, this sounds really really obvious. But if you don’t tell people, they won’t know your site is even there. So tell as many people as you can, especially while it is still fresh, because it’s easy for people to get excited about it. So here are some good ways to let people know you’re here and you’ve got an ace website:

  • Put it out on your socials. Ask people for their comments, get people to share it or to tell you what their favourite part of your site is.
  • Put it out on your socials again! Yep, don’t be polite – this is your super awesome new website, and you don’t want people to miss it. Write a post like this “just incase you missed it, here is our amazing new website…”. Do this a few days in a row, then give it a few days and do it again…really milk it, but don’t spam people, because you’ll start to annoy them.
  • Add your website link to your existing online content. Chances are, you have some pictures up on facebook, or maybe videos on youtube, or perhaps even some images on pinterest, or maybe you have a linkedin profile or a google plus account…well, make sure your web address is on all of these – literally, if you can write somewhere then write your web address.
  • Get creative! Depending on what your business is will depend on how you go about being creative, but whenever you do a job, or have a meeting, make sure that person has a link to your site.
  • Get other people to talk about your site. This is the most powerful tip, if someone else is chatting about your site, then it’s speaks far louder than if you are talking about it yourself. So if you offer a service, and you do a good job…or maybe even a job for free, ask someone to write a review about you (on their social networks) AND LINK TO YOUR SITE. Never under estimate the value of someone else talking about you!

Start a blog (or a news section)

Google LOVES new content…so that’s reason enough to have a blog or news section on your site. But more than that, if you publish a post, you can go back to step 1 and give people a good reason to visit or, hopefully, revisit your site.

The key to a good blog is regularity, with regular posting comes regular visitors, so set a day that you will commit to posting and stick to it! It’s sometimes helpful to schedule posts, this way you can write up several ahead of time so you have a headstart and then publish them (or set them to automatically publish) when the day comes around.

Here’s a short video over on our help site on how to add a blog to your Skizzar website if you haven’t already done it.

Put interesting content on your website that people will only find on there

Here is a pretty simple truth for you: If all you have on your site is content that people can find elsewhere, then why would they come to your site?

Ok, perhaps it’s nice to have all of your information collated in one place, however, it’s also good to try and think about something you can add to your site that visitors will only find there. For example, add a video that can only be seen on your site (for example, you can set a youtube or vimeo video to private and still use the link to embed it on your site), or add a track that people can only find by going to your website, or a promotional code, or even just simple testimonials, essentially you’re giving reason for people to come to your site to see something they can’t find elsewhere.

Use Multimedia / Multi-socials

If you’re anything like me, large chunks of text are not really appealing – I like pictures, moving pictures (also known as videos) and basically anything that is mildly interactive. I’m sure i’m not alone…right guys?? guys??

Anyway, there are some great platforms out there which you can use as an alternative to just writing a status about your site. Now is a really good time to jump on the following ways of promoting your site:

  • Instagram stories (or just instagram)
  • Snapchat
  • Youtube streaming
  • Facebook live

All of these are great tools you could utilise to promote your new site and your business in general. My advise, as ever, is to be creative, but also to make sure what you produce is a good quality – it’s worth getting a decent camera for your snaps, making sure the lighting is right for your vids and making sure you have good sound for your live streams – the difference will really make your business stand out against your competitors and drive a good flow of traffic to your site.

Check your on-site SEO and make targeted changes to your content

Right, lets get serious for a minute and talk about everybody’s favourite internet buzz word…SEO. You could spend the rest of your days reading up on SEO tips and tricks, but here is what it comes down to – if your site content is relevant to what you do, and the site is popular and it’s accessible then you will rank highly.

Now, the popularity you can take care of by telling people about it (see my other points), and if you have a Skizzar website then we have taken care of the accessibility by making all Skizzar sites mobile friendly, fast loading and clean coded. So really it is up to you to make sure that the content (that is, text) on your site, is well written and relevant to you and your business.

Here is our tip for content writing. Think of some keywords for you and your business – keywords are words you’d like someone to type into a search engine in order to find your site. Then try and get these keywords in the text on your site. For example, let’s say you are a mechanic called Geoff and you have a website for your garage (called Geoff’s Garage), you may choose keywords like car repairs, car servicing and trusted mechanic. In which case, a sentence like this would be great to have on your site:

“Geoff is a trusted mechanic specialising in car repairs and car servicing”

Try and saturate your website with these keywords…but don’t go overboard, too much and google will think you are trying to cheat the system. Be natural, but make sure your text is focussed and well thought out.

Tell more people…again

By this point you should already have a good flow of people coming to your site – so why not go back to step number one, and tell people to go and take a look at your site. Recycle old blog posts, or videos/pics/statuses that you may have already published – not all marketing content needs to be new content. Take a look at statistics – which statuses have the most likes? Which videos had the most shares? Put them out there again and forget about the ones that didn’t do so well. Be clever by looking at stats and you will save yourself wasting valuable time and effort on campaigns that don’t work for you.

Use ads (they’re not as expensive as you think!)

Ads can be a bit of a daunting topic – but they’re really not that hard. These days, facebook and google have made it really easy, and also really affordable to advertise your content.

Through facebook, you can easily make a previous post into a sponsored post, where you set a weekly budget for yourself, pick a target audience and choose how long you want your ad to run for. My advice on this would be, find a status that has generated a good amount of interest and stick a fiver on it to turn it into an advert for a week – see how it does for your business, if it works, maybe up your amount to £10 the next week. It’s a great way of reaching people outside of your immediate sphere of friends.

Google ads is a slightly different ball game. People will stick google ads on their website, and google will push the adverts that suit the demographic of that website – it’s very clever. Google then pays the website owner per click, giving them an incentive to advertise for you. Similarly to facebook ads, you can set the amount you wish to pay, how long for and also pick your target audience.

In my opinion, I think I prefer facebook ads, but that is by no means a fact. Both provide really great insights so you can see who is clicking, from where and what time, so it’s worth trying both out and seeing which works best for your business. Start small, and then invest in the approach that works for you.

Be social – don’t just post, chat!

Lastly, socialise! Don’t just talk at people, engage with your audience. When they say something good about you, say thanks – say something good about them too! If one of your visitors posts something on their site, share it for them – they will most likely return the favour at a later date.

Join in with conversations about your business, it’s really important that you don’t just use social networks to shout about yourself, your aim should always be to get people shouting about you! So make friends, commit to socialising and do it regularly.

Pick your times

Think about this. You have a great blog to put out there, or you’ve taken the time to shoot an amazing 30 second clip to upload to Instagram. You’ve stayed up all evening working on it, it’s now 1.30 am on a Sunday night…before you post it, think – what will most people be doing right now? Well, since the average person will be up at 7am to get ready for work, most people are probably sleeping – so posting it now will just be a waste of your efforts.

So be mindful of when you post. Good times to post are:
– 8.30am/5.30pm – you’ll catch the commuters on their phones on the train/bus/tube.
– 1pm will generally catch people on a lunch break
– Wednesday evenings are particularly good (at least that’s what we’ve found) as you get that mid-week lull where people want a bit of an inspiring “pick-me-up”…so they naturally turn to their phones for comfort
– Late mornings on a Saturday/Sunday are always good too as you’ll catch the late risers getting a weekend lie-in

So let’s conclude! With these steps, you will sure to see a great flow of traffic to your website. But the key to it all is this – COMMIT, COMMIT, COMMIT! It’s no good just cramming it all in one night, your results will last only a couple of days. If you want a consistent flow of traffic then you yourself need to be consistent, so set aside 20-30 mins a day and do something on your socials, publish a video or write a blog post, it sounds like a lot of effort, but we’ve found that it snowballs, but, as we’ve just said, it takes commitment, patience, and a bit of trial and error.

So go, bring the masses to your site! Tell the world about how great your business is and let us take care of the behind the scenes technical stuff that people with boring, non-Skizzar websites have to think about!

Let us know what works for you, and good luck!