June 11, 2018

Say hello to our new audio widget

A lot of our clients are musical…I mean, most of our clients are musical! So it only seems right to have a music player widget that looks like the absolute business and functions great too! Well, say hello to our new music player widget – totally rebuilt from the ground up using html5 audio elements and Amplitude.js.

We love the way it looks, and it’s so simple to use and can be used either as individual tracks or as a playlist. We’ve created an article about it over on our help site – check it out here! in the meantime though, here are some pics of what it looks like. Enjoy!


Incase you’re wondering, we do have a few future developments in the pipeline for this too, including:

  1. Ability to sell individual tracks through Paypal
  2. Integrate with SoundCloud
  3. Add links to external stores such as iTunes or Google Play

…so keep your hats on while we keep making improvements