August 29, 2017

How to prepare content for your website:

In the whole history of the entire world ever (at least in our experience), no one has ever sorted out all their content before deciding or indeed starting the build of their website. I guess it makes sense, when you write something you don’t plan out every single word, but we’re hoping this post can give you some really stellar ideas about what you’ll need to include in your website, and if you’re waiting to get started on your build then this is the perfect time to prepare that content.

Firstly, you’ll need around 8 – 10 high-quality images that sum up your brand, style, and personality. Obviously, if you’re selling something or you’re a blogger, for example, you may need far more than that. But as a general rule, aim for about 10. These will be far better if they’re your images not stock images because honestly, you can tell… so we recommend using a professional photographer or doing it yourself. That doesn’t mean you need a flashy camera, you can achieve some pretty awesome results on your phone. If you need inspiration, search for sites you like the look of and think about how they convey their brand. This is one of the most important bits of prep work you’ll need to do for your website, so make sure you put lots of effort into pulling together some really great shots that are all on brand. Also, these will need to be at least 1000 pixels wide (ideally bigger), or they’ll look poor quality and grainy on your site, so no insta pics thanks!!

If you really want to use stock images, then we highly recommend a site called – it’s amazing, and it’s free! Or, check out a new site we just stumbled across which is actually super cool – – well worth a gander!

Secondly, you’ll need to think about the pages you want to have, and the copy (that’s designer language for text) you’ll want to include on those pages. We have some great templates built into Skizzar to help you with this, but as an example, you might have:

A home page: 

This should contain a brief overview of what you are offering or what you do.

Bold images that sum up your brand

A title or a logo if you have one

A blurb explaining what you do

Some text that links to another page (such as an about page or service page)

An about page: 

This should contain slightly more copy, perhaps 2-3 paragraphs, don’t go crazy… no one needs to know what your gran’s cat is called (or maybe they do? I don’t know!) but it should tell your story and give a deeper amount of information about your brand.

You’ll need a few images for this page too, perhaps one of yourself if you’re a blogger or an individual such as a musician or artist.

A services page: 

This is where you can tell people in greater detail about the services you offer. If you’re a photographer or a band or DJ (for example) you might want to detail the different packages and prices.

It’s a good idea to link to a contact page here, so a short blurb about getting in touch is a good way to encourage your visitors to get in touch with you!

This page can contain more copy than other pages, so make sure you have images that will break up all that text to stop your readers from becoming bored.

A gallery: 

This is useful if you have a product or portfolio that you want to show off, you can display images and videos of what you do in a gallery. Gallery’s are super visual and a great way of quickly portraying what you do to your visitors, but don’t go overboard – no one wants to scroll through hundreds of pictures, we recommend picking 9-12 high quality images that really sum up the best of what you offer.

You could also have a link for a contact form on this page, so a short sentence about getting in touch could work well.

A contact page:

This can simply be a contact form, so think about what info you want to collect from people when they get in touch, such as a telephone number, a name and a message.

You’ll probably just need one image for this page and it doesn’t really need any other information, perhaps you’d like to let people know they can contact you directly, a short sentence for this will be fine.

Finally, we strongly suggest that you utilize social media, as it’s an incredible tool and you can integrate your instagram or twitter feeds straight into your Skizzar site if you like, so if you’re waiting to start your build make sure any relevant social media is up to date and on brand.

We hope this gives you something to get started on before you start building. Planning this stuff out will mean you can have your site up and running in record time and will find the whole process much smoother. We’re so excited to see what you come up with. Happy building folks!