September 28, 2017

Building your Brand with Canva

It’s really exciting for me when small companies and individuals with beautiful branding start building their website with Skizzar. Because well if you guys look good so do we! So it makes perfect sense then that I load you guys up with as much resource and information as I can so that you can build a really successful brand. I recently discovered an amazing resource available through one of my absolute favourite places on the internet, Canva. Incase you don’t know, Canva is an incredible online resource which allows you to easily design and build your brand. You can make logos, email headers, social media graphics basically everything you could ever need. It’s incredibly easy to use and I’ve used it for the design of our brand as well as for many other clients and I always get great results. I guess I often start making things with a pretty clear idea of what I want to create. But what about if you’ve got a brilliant business idea but you haven’t got a clue about where to start with branding… well thankfully they’ve got amazing tutorials that will teach you everything you need to know about building your brand from the ground up. One of my favourites is the creative colour palette tutorial it breaks down information into really easy to understand information. It gives you opportunities to ‘learn’ and ‘do’ breaking down really simply how you can put into practice the skills you learn.

Once you’ve gone through these tutorials which literally take just a minute to complete, you’ll feel much more confident about building a really solid brand. I actually think this can be a really big stumbling block for small businesses. It might be that you’ve got a really good idea but the thought of paying thousands for branding design can completely put you off. Canva really allows you to create amazing graphics and logos as well as a whole load of other things and it’s totally free! Which I think we can all agree is pretty great when you’re starting out. This is also one of the many reasons we let our clients pay what they like for their website as well as giving you as much help as you need whilst you build your site. We think that if you’ve got a great business or perhaps you’re an amazing blogger or artist or musician you deserve to have an amazing website and strong on point branding.

So what are you waiting for? Get stuck into these awesome tutorials on Canva┬áhonestly it’s such a great resource. Also if you’re a Skizzar Client and you want some extra advice and tips feel free to get in touch using the support tab and I’ll be happy to give you some extra help and advice with building your brand and designing your site! Like I said, it’s in our interests for you to have a rad looking site!


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