August 29, 2017

A different kind of website builder

We’re opening our doors, but only to 25 new clients a month!

So by now, you should have figured out that here at Skizzar, we’re not trying to fit in with the normal mould of website builders. We already let our clients choose how much they want to pay each month and now we’re launching to the general public we’re still super keen to do things a bit differently.

So we’ve made the decision to only let a certain number of clients sign up to Skizzar each month, a very small number in fact. Just twenty-five wonderful people each month will be given exclusive access to build their own website. Sounds crazy right? Why limit potential custom, if someone is doing all the work themselves? Well, the answer is really simple, it all boils down to wanting our clients to get the very best service from Skizzar.

We want to give people who use our service an amazing and unique experience, after all, the way they feel about their site and the support they receive from us has a direct impact on how much they choose to pay each month. So, we’re comitted to focussing all our attention on giving amazing customer support and working closely with our clients each month, every step of the way, to make sure they have a kick ass website.

So what does it look like to build your site with Skizzar? Well, to start with you may have to wait, hopefully not too long, but we encourage people to register their interest on our website right at the beginning of the month before we run out of slots! Once you have been allocated a place, you’ll be assigned your own professional designer to help you get started. Along with help videos, and this blog you’ll also be able to contact your designer directly, so, should you get stuck or need another set of eyes, they’ll be on-hand to help you with design ideas and helpful tips.

The coolest thing about this (yes there is more), is that once you’ve finished building your site, if you’d like us to…one of our team will take a look at what you’ve built and give it a professional finishing touch. It might be some minor changes like padding and font sizes or creative direction with photographs, or, well…just about anything. We’ll take a look at your site, check everything works well and that your new website is formatted to look totally pro across all devices and platforms. All without any extra charges or hidden fees.

In a nutshell, we think that it can be a bit overwhelming to design your site entirely by yourself, even if the tool you use to do it with is super simple and easy to use! We believe that actual, personal support is pretty helpful and we hope that if your pleased with the service you receive that you’ll pay a fair price for your monthly subscription, (to be totally upfront we think about £7 is bang on) but it’s totally up to you!!

If you’re interested in building your site with us, then head over to the Skizzar website, click on get started and fill out your details – we’ll be in touch within 24 hours.